LOCATION: Salisbury

We have enjoyed an excellent relationship with Italian casual dining chain Zizzi for a number of years, continuing since its acquisition by Bridgepoint Capital, and we are delighted to have been a part of over a dozen new Zizzi projects in the last year alone, one of which is Zizzi Salisbury, shown here.

Located just a few minutes’ walk from the stunning Salisbury Cathedral, the Salisbury restaurant features two of Zizzi’s signature style icons – a wood stone oven and their charming birch trees. It also showcases an illustrated mural created by talented young artist Saroj Patel. Like the birch trees, Saroj’s work is popping up in multiple Zizzi’s, with murals in Canary Wharf, Basingstoke, Welwyn Garden City and even Belfast. The organic forms found in nature’s flora and fauna are frequent sources of inspiration in her work, but this time it was the gothic architecture of the cathedral which caught her eye.


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