PROJECT: Workspace, London
ARCHITECT: Matthew Watts
DESIGNER: Lorraine Clarke
PHOTOGRAPHER: Anthony Weller

Flagship projects require bespoke solutions and Havwoods were honoured to work closely with Matthew Watts Architects to supply a flooring solution that was a little ‘out-of-the-box’. Given the high number of narrow corridors that exist throughout the workspace, the brief entailed a requirement of timber flooring that opposed common trends; rather than being as wide as possible the boards had to be super-narrow. This particular workspace is all about innovators and clever-thinkers and we at Havwoods understand when it comes to design, the standard offering doesn’t always fit every taste.

We took the concept to one our favourite European mills who delight in finding bespoke solutions and thankfully the result married in with what the designers had in mind – a floor that complemented their ash joinery and looked as natural as possible due it’s beautifully textured ‘cross-sawn’ finish. Is it all about looking good? No, good design must be fit for purpose and kudos to our London team who came up with the idea of using a UV cured oil finish on the floor to ensure maximum longevity and durability.

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