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Wood Cladding

Wood Cladding is the smart way to style a space

Wood cladding is the modern way to add some stand out style to any interior, whether it's residential or commercial. And there are so many different ways to use timber on surfaces other than the floor that you really are spoilt for choice. For instance, you could opt for a single accent wall, be bolder and follow it through onto the ceiling, or go for broke and create an entire cocoon of wooden warmth and texture. You could play the purist by using the same board throughout or let your imagination run riot by mixing and matching different shades and textures. But whatever your personal preference, interior wall cladding provides you with the means to enjoy something far more stylish than you could ever create with mere plasterboard and paint.

Wood cladding using planks

Panelling a room with timber planks may be a classical interior design solution, but if you think outside the box it can look far from traditional. Nowadays there is a vast array of striking shades and textures available to choose from, and don't forget that you can fit planks vertically, horizontally or even diagonally since playing around with their orientation will make a tremendous difference to the effects you will achieve. Every plank shown on these pages is designed specifically for use as cladding and they fall into two basic categories: solid planks and veneers.

The solid pine planks in Havwoods' Vertical collection are all milled to 21st-century standards from timber that has been reclaimed from old buildings. Reclaimed timber is highly prized for its aesthetic appeal and modern milling techniques ensure that they are consistent in both quality and thickness, making them just as easy to install as a plank milled from new timber.

Timber veneers are thinner slices of wood, usually no more than 3mm thick and often much, much thinner. At 4mm and 7mm, Havwoods' veneer planks are a little thicker than usual, but the principle is the same. Being thinner than traditional boards they are lighter, which makes them better suited to some cladding applications like doors and furniture.

Included amongst our veneers is a collection of Yakisugi planks. Yakisugi is a traditional Japanese technique of charring native timber (usually cyress) with fire in order to preserve it, but nowadays it is prized for its extremely handsome appearance and the way in which it brings out the pattern of the grain. Our Yakisugi planks are milled from pine, chosen for its extremely interesting closed grain, and are finished with a water-based stain in order to create a myriad of shades. This includes a dozen vibrant tones of reds, orange, yellow, blues and greens, although these brighter colours are only available to order (please telephone for details).

Of course, just about any Havwoods' plank can be installed on walls, ceilings, or pillars, although some may be less suitable due to their size and weight. Perhaps the best suited is our Italian Collection which includes blocks and smaller planks; Henley, which focuses on texture; PurePlank, unique amongst click system products by offering special clips for claddings installations, and Relik which offers yet more variety in reclaimed timber.

Wood cladding panels

Timber cladding panels lend themselves to a faster installation due to their larger size, and ours provide a crisp, Scandinavian-style effect with a smooth surface and very clean grain. They are FSC® certified (C009500) and available in two versions: PurePanel Duo, which has an extremely stable HDF core faced on both sides with a timber veneer, and PureVeneer, which is a 1mm wood veneer sheet with a phenolic backing ideal for use on curved surfaces and suitable for covering most wood substrates. Matching wood veneer edge trim is available for all PurePanel products.

Please note that PurePanels are designed primarily for use on vertical surfaces and are not suitable for cladding high usage horizontal surfaces like tabletops or counters.

Other interior wall cladding ideas

At Havwoods, seeking out the extraordinary is both our job and our pleasure, and our mosaic panel truly fits the bill. Crafted from European reclaimed oak fixed to a backing board, it makes a complex looking feature exceptionally easy to achieve. You can fit these panels both vertically and horizontally, or try mixing them with a reclaimed wood plank for a look that is entirely your own.

Another stand-out concept that we believe is unique to Havwoods is the real wood tile. These contemporary three-dimensional tiles are milled from prime grade European oak and are finished with a matt oil. They come in two shapes and three designs, all with straight sides that measure 250mm, and are sure to create a talking point in any space.

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HRC1960 Oak Rustic 150mm Engineered Oak Cladding

HRC1960 Oak Rustic 150mm Engineered Oak Cladding

Genuine Reclaimed; Engineered European Oak; Chopped; Mosaic Pattern; Unfinished; Interlocking Syst..

HRC1905 Pine Grey Rustic 115-290mm Genuine Reclaimed Solid Pine Cladding

HRC1905 Pine Grey Rustic 115-290mm Genuine Reclaimed Solid Pine Cladding

Genuine Reclaimed; Solid American Pine; 1-Strip Pattern; Weathered; Unfinished; PAR; Reclaimed Edg..

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