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Wood Cladding

Wood cladding is the modern way to add some stand out style to any interior, residential or commercial. With so many stunning options available you could opt for a single accent wall, follow it through onto the ceiling, or go for broke with an entire cocoon of warmth and texture. You could play the purist by using the same board throughout, or let your imagination run riot by mixing and matching, but whatever your personal preference interior wall cladding provides you with the means to enjoy something more stylish than mere plasterboard and paint.

Wood cladding with planks

Panelling with wood planks is a classic interior design solution and your combination of color and orientation enable you to evoke hundreds of different looks. Remember, you can fit planks vertically, horizontally or even diagonally, and this will make a dramatic difference to the look you achieve.

Just about all Havwoods' boards can be installed on walls, ceilings, pillars, et cetera, although some may be less suitable due to their size and weight. The Italian Collection provides small planks whilst Henley focuses on ones with texture; Venture Plank is all about exceptional shades and a smooth surface, PurePlank is unique amongst click system products by offering special clips for installation, and Relik provides more reclaimed variety. But the wonderful reclaimed pine and oak on this page is designed solely for use as paneling, as are the Shou Sugi Ban planks. This traditional Japanese technique of charring wood by fire was devised to preserve it and all our Shou Sugi Ban planks are available to order for exterior use.

Other interior wall cladding ideas

At Havwoods, seeking out the extraordinary is both our job and our pleasure, and our mosaic panels truly fit the bill. Crafted from European reclaimed wood fixed to a backing board, they make a complex looking feature exceptionally easy to achieve. You can fit them both vertically and horizontally, and try mixing them with wood planks for a totally unique look.

Exterior wall cladding

In addition to the special order Shou Sugi Ban planks for external use, Trekker is a composite cladding board which may be fitted both externally and internally. It is easy to install using fixing clips and requires no maintenance, although it may be washed to remove grime. Of recycled composition it is an excellent insulator, will not shrink or warp and is highly resistant to rot and insects. It may be fitted vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

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