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Venture Plank Herringbone

Produced in Europe these hardwood engineered boards are amongst the very best in the world. The thick lamella (usually of European oak) is bonded under no less than 150 tonnes of pressure to a backing of birch ply. For superior strength this is made of an odd number of layers of thin strips of birch, laid in alternating directions and glued with a WBP glue, which means that it won’t delaminate even in the unlikely event that it was boiled in water for several hours! The moisture content of both layers is well controlled and finely balanced and machining standards are exceptional: for example, boards to be supplied unfinished are treated differently from those which are to be oiled or varnished, calibrated before the tongue and groove are applied to ensure that each and every board is precisely the same thickness.

 Venture Plank comes in 20mm planks with a 6mm lamella, 13mm planks with  4mm lamella, chevrons and large herringbone battens. The latter’s larger  than usual sizing brings a contemporary twist to classically proportioned blocks which may be laid in double as well as single herringbone, basket weave and tumbling dice patterns. The majority of Venture Plank products carry a lifetime structural warranty as well as 25-year residential wear resistance and all are available to order as FSC® Certified.

NB Packs will contain mixed length boards and we recommend a further coat on all oiled products (except UV oiled) after installation.

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