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  • HW16411 Noce – Plank Character 125mm Engineered American Black Walnut Wood Flooring

HW16411 Noce – Plank Character 125mm Engineered American Black Walnut Wood Flooring

Engineered American Black Walnut; Steamed; 1-Strip Pattern; UV Oiled Finish; Tongue & Groove; Square Edge.

Thickness 11mm
Width 125mm
Length 1000mm
Grade Character

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This is a small plank from our Italian Collection, a range that has been inspired by the intricate flooring often found in and around the Mediterranean. Its proportions are very similar to those seen in old solid wood planks, before the greater stability of engineered wood flooring made larger planks viable, so it is perfect for a classical or retro interior, for use in narrow spaces, or for offering the flexibility to create more complex patterns; matching small herringbone blocks are available to aid your creativity.

Italian Collection boards are engineered with a thick hardwood wear layer, accounting for over 1/3 of the overall depth, backed by a quality spruce or birch ply; in this case the wear layer is of beautiful, character grade American Black Walnut. The entire collection is noted for exceptional consistency, is suitable for use over underfloor heating and is FSC® certified (FSC-C009500).

This small plank is usually available from stock. See more from the Italian Collection, or refine you search using the drop down menu at the top.

Finish your floor with the perfect trim

Finishing your floor with the ideal stair nosing, threshold, ramp or scotia makes the difference between a good floor and a great one. For this reason, at Havwoods we offer a complete range of trims, including T and end sections, pipe covers, cover plates and skirting/architrave profiles, specifically to complement every individual product, and they are stained, textured and oiled as appropriate to match each one as closely as is possible. Of course, this is a bespoke service so it will take approximately one week to fulfil your order.

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What is meant by character grade?

Whilst you are no doubt aware that wood is graded according to its appearance, you may be surprised to learn that there are no international grading standards. At Havwoods we deal with many different mills, from many different countries, so for consistency we have defined our own grading rules.

This board uses character grade timber, which means that it is visually very interesting but not as busy as a rustic grade, It will contain both heartwood and sapwood and there will be some colour variation. You may see some checks (cracks across the growth ring), and possibly some end shake (cracks between the rings). It will also contain knots, although their size and frequency is restricted.

Knots are formed when a branch has died and its base has become enclosed by subsequent layers of trunk wood as the tree grows, so their presence is emphasised by the grain of the wood flowing around it. Filler is used in the larger knots, the colour carefully selected to complement the wood rather than to match it exactly. The colour of the filler may vary.

If you prefer a cleaner look, then refine your search to look for prime, select or classic grade products. If you want a board with even more character, search for rustic or natural grades.

What is the species?

This product is milled in Europe from American Black Walnut. Also known as Eastern Black Walnut, this is a wood that is highly popular in North American where it is considered to be their premium domestic hardwood. It is also readily available, making it an ethical choice for your floor.

American Black Walnut has good dimensional stability, shock resistance and strength properties. The heartwood can range from a lighter pale brown to a dark chocolate brown with darker brown streaks and the colour can sometimes have a grey, purple, or reddish cast. Sapwood can be anything from pale yellow-gray to nearly white. It has a medium texture and, usually, a straight grain; figured grain patterns such as curl, crotch, and burl are also seen.

What is meant by engineered wood?

Some people confuse engineered wood with laminate, but nothing could be further from the truth. Laminate flooring may look like wood, but it is not, it is simply a photographic image under a clear protective layer. Engineered wood, however, is the real thing. And once laid it is virtually impossible to distinguish it from solid wood. But instead of being milled from a single piece of timber, engineered boards consist of several layers, and this construction results in a number of very sound advantages.

In an engineered board, the top layer is, of course, solid wood, whilst the other layers may be plywood, softwood or yet more layers of hardwood. Each layer is bonded to the next with the grain running at right angles, which makes it virtually impossible for the board to swell or shrink. So when it is laid it is highly unlikely to warp and gap, or otherwise suffer in the same way as solid wood flooring can when exposed to changes in humidity through the use of heating and air conditioning, or simply due to a change in the weather.

In addition to being far more stable, engineered wood offers several other benefits. It may be laid as a floating floor, as well as being nailed or glued down, and some planks even come in an easy to fit 'click' system. It is usually pre-finished, meaning you see exactly how your floor will look before it is fitted and ensuring a faster, easier installation with no mess and no fuss. And, because it isn't affected by changes in humidity, it is available in much wider, longer, more imposing planks. Finally, it is particularly kind to the environment, because every beautiful, stable, hard wearing engineered timber floor fitted uses less of the slow-growth hardwoods. Little wonder that engineered timber is now by far the most popular type of timber flooring fitted around the world.

What is a UV oiled finish?

UV cured Hardwax Oil combines the wear advantages of a lacquer with the subtlety of oil. It is applied as a liquid and soaks into the pores of the timber. When it has cured it is micro-porus, water-repellent, dirt- wear- and stain-resistant against wine, beer, cola, coffee, tea, fruit juice and milk. It will not crack, false, peel or blister. It is as easy to clean as a lacquered floor and easy to renovate with one or two coats of Hardware Oil; areas of particularly heavy wear may be renovated without treating the entire floor.

What is FSC® Certification?

If a product is labelled as being “FSC® Certified" it means that the both timber itself and the manufacturing process including the entire chain of supply meet the requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council.

The Forest Stewardship Council is an international, non-profit organisation whose mission is to promote environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world’s forests. This includes addressing issues such as illegal logging, deforestation and global warming, with positive outcomes on economic development, environmental conservation, poverty alleviation and social and political empowerment.

Colour Brown
Shade Dark
Construction Engineered
Finish UV Oiled Finish
Pattern 1-Strip Pattern
Species American Black Walnut
Length 1000mm
Thickness 11mm
Width 125mm
Product Range Section The Italian Collection
Grade Character
Product Range The Wood Book
A complete range of T and end sections, ramps and stair nosings is available to complement this product: stained, textured, oiled and white oiled, where appropriate, to match it as closely as possible. This is a bespoke service and will take approximately one week from placement of the order.

To allow you to see the true quality of our products we provide a free sample service for most of the products featured on our website.


Complementary mouldings are available to order from our accessories range.

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