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Herringbone Flooring Blocks

Herringbone flooring is the most popular form of parquet and it is a pattern which has been around for centuries. 2500 years ago Romans engineers found that its crisscrossing arrangement provided the optimum structure for their roads, now it might be the perfect flooring for your home.

Unlike a chevron pattern, where the short ends are cut at an angle, the pattern is produced using a simple rectangular block. Traditionally herringbone flooring blocks were made from solid wood and were relatively small, but modern methods now allow us to offer a stunning range of shades, finishes and sizes right up to 600mm long, providing a really contemporary take on what is a very traditional patterned floor.

Alternative patterns from herringbone flooring

This pattern really does owe its name to the bones of the fish, but the same wood blocks used to create it can also be laid in other patterns. Diagonal herringbone - where the pattern is laid on the room's diagonal - and brick patterns are self-explanatory. So to is double herringbone - two blocks laid each way instead of one. Basket weave and tumbling dice patterns (the latter is sometimes known as mosaic or square basket) may also be achieved, although some of these do require the length of the block to be an exact multiple of its width.

Herringbone blocks: solid versus engineered

At Havwoods around one-third of our collection consists of smaller traditional solid blocks in a variety of grades. It comprises of a number of finished blocks, "tumbled" for an antiqued appearance, as well as unfinished herringbone flooring blocks ready for completion with your own choice of stains, lacquers or oils on site.

The remainder are pre-finished engineered blocks: quick to install, extremely stable and usually suitable for use over underfloor heating. These come in a superb range of shades, sizes and finishes, ideal to enhance any traditional or contemporary design and perfect for adding beauty and value to your home.

Remember, whatever you choose they will all give you a stunning real wood floor to add beauty and value to your home.

Installing herringbone wood flooring in the UK

At Havwoods we source and supply superior wood for floors and cladding, we don't fit it. But a great floor is only as good as the fitter who does, and any patterned wood floor is rather more complex to install than a plank so it's best to opt for a fitter who has been recommended. Alternatively, if you are installing your herringbone wood flooring in the UK, click on "installers" on this site to find fitters in your area who have attended the Havwoods Academy and have learned to work with wood the Havwoods way.

HW061 European Oak Prime 70mm Solid Herringbone Wood Flooring

HW061 European Oak Prime 70mm Solid Herringbone Wood Flooring

Solid European Oak; Herringbone Pattern; Sanding Required; Unfinished; Tongue & Groove; Square..

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