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Wood Planks

Wood planks are the most popular timber shape for use as flooring, but now they come in a multitude of different sizes. And size, particularly the width, can have as much impact on the look of your interior scheme as shade and finish.

Until the advent of modern engineered constructions, wood planks for use in flooring were usually little more than 120mm wide. So in recent years contemporary design has celebrated the technological advances and favoured larger boards. More than two-thirds of our stock is now 180mm or wider. Indeed, our prestigious Hand Grade Collection boards are little short of enormous, with their length ranging from 2m to 4m and five random widths. None is narrower than 280mm and they range up to almost 1/2m wide, making a spectacular statement!

At the other end of the scale, our Italian Collection honours the intricate floors of the southern mediterranean countries with narrower, shorter, thinner wood planks, whilst, as befits genuine reclaimed timber, all Relik boards are supplied in mixed widths.

So browse though for your favourite shades, or select the sizes you are most interested in using the filters on the left (you may need to view our pages on a tablet or larger to be able to see these). Because quite often size does matter.

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