The White Company is all about impeccably stylish products, principally in white: not traditional, not cutting edge, just beautifully designed, simple, elegant pieces; timeless but with individuality and style. And it’s certainly found a niche since the company, which started as a 12-page mail order business just 20 years ago, is now a multi-channel retailer with 50 stores. Needless to say, White Company stores are as meticulously styled as their products, with a set design criteria, and for the last four years Havwoods has been a major part of that identity, featuring in around 20 new store and refit projects. The store shown here is Milton Keynes and the floor is our Venture Plank Oak Amendo – the same board as used in every other store and  testament to their delight with it. Their reasons for making Havwoods a partner of choice? Quality, punctuality and attention to detail.

The White Company with Havwoods Wood Flooring

The White Company using Havwoods Wood Flooring

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Massive clearance to make way for new stock: stunning wood from less than £10/m².   SHOP CLEARANCE