This brand new range within a range provides some exceptionally interesting ways to create a talking point out of your ceilings, walls, display cabinets and other cladding opportunities.

Centuries ago, driftwood recovered from the coastlines around Japan was highly prized for its appearance and durability. But demand was high and supply was short, so the Japanese devised an alternative weathering technique: fire. Yakisugi is Japanese for ‘burnt cedar board’ – cedar being a commonplace wood – and these charred planks became popular for residential sidings, fencing and decking. As timber fell into increasingly short supply in Japan, its usage was replaced with modern plastics and cement, and Yakisugi became a ‘lost’ technique.

Recently the technique has been rediscovered; but our interest in it was not as a preservative but for the way in which the charring and cleansing process emphasises the grain structure and knots. Using pine for its particularly interesting grain, we have created a simply stunning plank which is suitable for all interior cladding purposes and comes in seven sumptuous shades of black, brown and grey, as well as a dark red.

At Domotex in January our Yakisugi was selected as an Innovations@DOMOTEX product and it has also been shortlisted for The International Product Design Awards 2017.

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