PROJECT: Nando’s
LOCATION: Worldwide
PRODUCTS USED: RECM2025 Relik Reclaimed Barn OakRECM4140 Relik Reclaimed Painted OakHW966 Venture Plank ArenaBPF21/1639/180 Henley Oak Raven, HRC1960 Vertical Reclaimed Oak

We sometimes think that the casual dining chain Nando’s are as passionate about wood as we are. 
In many countries, following a move instigated in the UK, their design ethos is one of individuality, yet despite each restaurant’s unique appearance the imaginative use of timber is a frequent characteristic.
The growing company now has around 1,000 outlets worldwide, and over the last five years we are delighted to have been asked to supply around 150 of them with Havwoods’ timber, and not just in Australia and the UK, but also in the United States and the Gulf States.

Five locations, five totally different styles, but all linked by flair, beautiful timber and a dash of South African art. In fact, we understand that the company have the largest collection of South African art in the UK, with over 5,000 pieces displayed in their restaurants.

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