The Wood Space, Havwoods’ brand new, central London showroom with hundreds and hundreds of large sample panels to really fire your imagination, opens 2nd January 2013.

London’s foremost wood space opens 2nd January 2013

The Wood Space, Havwood’s brand new London showroom, opens 2nd January 2013, and it’s like a candy shop for any designer who loves wood. The aim was to feature large, 540mm x 750mm panels of every single product which appears in the Wood Book and on our website. That’s around 400 products to be shoehorned into a central London showroom in an attractive, logical and easy to locate manner.Of course, since design is as much our business as it is yours, we needed to create an environment which was far more than simply a practical, working showroom. Our brief was for a modern, cool and calm environment with flashes of energy in focused locations to help present the Havwoods brand as a contemporary, relevant and confident supplier to highly design-aware customers. So join us; see and feel hundreds of stunning timber products, and tell us if we’ve succeeded.The Wood Space is located at 6-12 Tabard Street, London SE1, just two minutes walk from the Borough tube station.To make an appointment simply call +44(0)1524 737000 and ask for sales.


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Massive clearance to make way for new stock: stunning wood from less than £10/m².   SHOP CLEARANCE