At Havwoods, we have been intimately involved with the technological advances in timber for over 40 years and, in our opinion, these planks are the ultimate in engineered wood.

The process of engineering hardwood has resulted in a far more stable plank which means that timber can now be specified virtually anywhere. Many engineered planks are also treated with techniques which help disguise surface damage, or utilise lacquers and impregnation processes (like Xtreme) which ensure superior durability.

Wood is cellular by nature, which means that it compresses on impact and the surface lacquer must retain some flexibility otherwise it would crack or shatter. Xtreme hardens the wood by removing the air and sap and replacing it with pigmented liquid acrylic which, when dry, creates a structure four times harder than the original.

Fusion takes a different approach. In this plank we have our favourite floors reproduced directly onto an engineered wood product made from exploded wood fibres which have been highly compressed. Because this board is not cellular it means that the very latest and hardest aluminium oxide technology lacquers can be used to seal it. The result is a beautiful, warm, matt lacquered, 14mm PEFC™ certified bevelled plank.

Fusion is designed to be installed as a floating floor, exhibits excellent acoustic and slip resistant properties, and is virtually impossible to scratch, mark or dent accidentally. Indeed, clients who have seen the products are as excited as we are, and some are devising their own tests. Yamaha, for example, tried them under unprotected piano castors for 24-hours with no subsequent dents or marks in the finish and, as a result, have already purchased Oak Wicken for their Margaret Street, London showroom.

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