This unique exhibition at Earls Court, 29th and 30th January, is well worth a visit for all architects, designers and consultants interested in the truly innovative.

Havwoods to show engineered reclaimed timber at Architect@Work

If you’ve not attended Architect@Work before, you may want to consider putting aside an afternoon to do so – it’s guaranteed to be interesting.  Every single one of the exhibits, and there are up to one hundred covering everything from weight bearing structures to wall coverings, has been selected by a committee of architects and interior designers for its innovative nature. Furthermore, the nature and layout of the exhibition itself, with a set route which winds its way through small, uniform modules, gives you a chance to see everything, including the interesting products from companies with smaller budgets which are so often easy to miss.

We’re taking along our engineered reclaimed timber. The very attribute which makes reclaimed wood so highly prized – its total lack of uniformity – makes it difficult and costly to install and results in a high degree of wastage. Furthermore, the lack of a consistent and reliable supply makes specifying reclaimed boards a risk. But using the wonderful timber reclaimed from barns, docks, quays and lagoons purely for the lamella layer of an engineered board ensures a number of important advantages:

  • The boards are straight and of a relatively uniform thickness, making them quick and easy to install with very little wastage.
  • They are pre-finished and arrives on site ready to install.
  • The board remains highly stable, even given changes in temperature or humidity, and may even be installed over underfloor heating.

Better usage of this reclaimed timber – a finite resource – results in double the yield compared with solid 20mm boards and regular and ongoing supplies mean that the reclaimed engineered boards may be specified with confidence.

Take a look at our reclaimed engineered products and, it you have a chance, pop along to Architect@Work to see the real thing.

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