Learning more about the ecological benefits of specifying wood, understanding the different types of construction and the relative merits of different forms of finishes and installation can now count towards your CPD.
Havwoods appointed as an official CPD provider

The new RIBA CPD core curriculum focuses on 10 topics which require a minimum of two hours study to be recorded per topic per year. It then allows for the remaining 15 hours to be spent on subjects of your choice which are relevant to your own architectural learning needs.

In total there are 500 members of the CPD providers network, ranging from universities and colleges to solicitors and IT companies, as well as product manufacturers and suppliers; Havwoods are delighted to be one of those approved providers.

The Havwoods CPD approved seminar aims to explain the ecological benefits of using wood and the protection legislation currently in place. It also provides in-depth knowledge of different types of wood flooring construction; the various merits of different finishes and fixing methods and their associated costs. If you would like to learn more about “The use of wood flooring in sustainable architecture”, and put it towards your CPD, simply email darren.mayes@havwoods.co.uk

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