Now you can tell us what you really think about our new publication, Talking Points, and also help to shape the Havwoods portfolio to ensure that we always hav’ woods which you find optimally useful and/or truly inspirational.

To thank you for your time, you will be entered into a free draw to attend either a whisky or rum tasting, whichever is your tipple of choice, held at our Clerkenwell showroom and run by experts TT Liquor.

At Havwoods our passion for wood has driven us for well over 40 years, which is why we spend so much time searching the world for the very best products to include in our portfolio. Two of the products, B and C are specifically vying for space, but A is something quite different – it’s not a product, but a concept, and we’re calling it “standardised individualisation”.

The idea behind standardised individualisation is for us to design a selection of products which enable you to mix and match not only colours but also shapes and patterns, thus allowing you to create something totally unique every time without the price implication of a bespoke product or making undue demands on your installation team. Remember, at the moment this is still at concept stage; your feedback will determine its fate.

A: this group of images is our standardised individualisation concept

B: reclaimed pine with special coloured pigment finishing and metal straps reminiscent of a dismantled barn door.

C: reclaimed oak with unique white wash and hand applied grey edge detail enhanced by metal cut clasp nail heads as part of an out- of-the-box floor.

Please tell us what you think of the products and concepts shown above and share your thoughts on Havwoods publications.

Talking Points Questionnaire

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