Flanked by two canals and central to many of Amsterdam’s best boutiques, restaurants and tourist attractions, the Pulitzer enjoys an enviable location, but it’s the results of a three-year renovation which has just won it one of hospitality’s most prestigious awards.

Under the guidance of Jacu Strauss, this glorious hotchpotch of 25 four-hundred-year-old canal houses, each on a slightly different level and connected by a maze of passageways, small flights of stairs and oddly shaped halls has, not surprisingly, been billed as “the best new hotel in Amsterdam” by Conde´Nast.

Strauss spent a night in every single one of the hotel’s 225 rooms, contemplating how best to make each work, and each has its own character. The colour palette is that of the Old Masters: deep blues, rich greens and pinky-plums. Original stucco ceilings and antique Delft tiles are offset by an eclectic mix of oil paintings, old mirrors and contemporary furniture. There is humour too, with a quirkiness which is very Amsterdam.

Strauss has relied on Havwoods timber for many years, and choose no fewer than eight different planks, herringbone blocks and end grain panels. “I design mainly in the hospitality and commercial sector,” he says “and for this reason I need products that are durable but without loosing character. Havwoods’ range ticks all the boxes without compromise. The woods I have used were well suited to the design contexts and concepts, and there were some really unusual and exciting products to choose from.”

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