PROJECT: Ask Italian
PRODUCTS USED: HW3007 Venture Plank MedioHW3003 Venture Plank NileHW3882 Venture Plank Medio 13

Ask Italian is undergoing a major refurbishment of their 100 plus restaurants throughout the UK, under the auspices of Gundry and Ducker. Tasked with creating a warm and relaxed dining environment, whilst maintaining a sense of simplicity authentic to the Italian lifestyle, one solution has been to divide the open plan layout into a series of ‘rooms’, each with a different character. The use of wood laid on the diagonal is a recurring theme: here in Swindon some of the ‘rooms’ feature 20mm Oak Medio for both the floor and cladding, others use Oak Medio and Oak Nile herringbone, alternated in a simple but effective pattern, whilst still others also feature herringbone for the specially commissioned table tops.

Ask Italian Ask ItalianAsk Italian

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Massive clearance to make way for new stock: stunning wood from less than £10/m².   SHOP CLEARANCE