PROJECT: Harry Ramsdens
PRODUCTS USED: HW2208 Alsace, HW2102 Lavardon

The line between fast food and casual dining is often blurred. Take what is often cited as Britain’s national dish – fish and chips. It sustained the country through an industrial revolution and two world wars, yet is more closely associated with take-out than dine-in. But world famous fish shop Harry Ramsden’s is actually the UK’s longest established restaurant chain, and it’s first restaurant, opened in 1931, was modelled on London’s Ritz Hotel, complete with fitted carpets, oak panelled walls and chandeliers.

Now an international chain, with outlets in Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Australia and America as well as throughout the UK and Ireland, the company’s new look interiors pay homage to the traditional elegance of the original, with a retro, quintessentially British atmosphere. Of course, products must still be tough enough to withstand the heavy footfall of such establishments. Budgetary constraints ruled out the original choices made by food service industry design and build specialists CDS Wilman for this seaside-themed Harry Ramsdens in Swanage, but PurePlanks Alsace HW2208 and Lavardon HW2102 provided a perfect solution.


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